Our Product Difference

Service! Not what you expect, not what others call service, but an UNCONVENTIONAL SOLUTION tailored to your needs.

Even though what we do is manufacture and repair rollers, our real product is customer service that will leave you with a smile. Take a look at what makes Bluegrass Roller Service different from the rest.


Roller Builder

Our roll builder is designed to extrude most types of rubber. We can cover rollers:

  • Up to 40 inches in diameter
  • Up to 240 inches in length
  • Up to 12,000 pounds in weight




Electric Autoclaves

Our electric autoclaves will handle rolls up to:

  • A diameter of 48 inches
  • An overall length of 25 feet.




Computerized Groover

With our computerized grinder/groover, we can grind concave and convex parabolic and tapered crowns, and groove any design you require. It has the capacity to handle rollers up to:

  • 40 inches in diameter
  • 240 inches in length